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  • Q2 2012

    Automated Trader

    Latest News on the News

    Since machine readable news feeds first emerged, solutions have evolved that cover many of the globe's most prominent market moving economic events (such as US Non-Farm Payroll) and make them instantly tradable on major US and European markets. While this is of course valuable in generating...

  • Q4 2011

    Automated Trader

    New news

    Machine readable news has been with us for a while now and has moved into the mainstream as an input to traders’ alpha and execution models. To date, the majority of services have primarily focused on major economic announcements, but traders are already looking for more from providers in...

  • November 2011

    Wall Street & Technology

    Speed is money
    Machine-readable corporate news means competitive edge for traders

    In the ultracompetitive financial environment, high-frequency trading is widespread, and margins for individual players are shrinking. With trading speeds now measured in milliseconds, algorithmic (algo) and high frequency traders must tap new strategies and techniques to quickly identify...

  • November 2011


    Machine-readable news offers first mover advantage to algo traders
    Deutsche Börse’s algo news feed AlphaFlash focuses on market moving data, lowest latency and global access.

    Algorithmic or high frequency trading and machine-readable news have been hot topics for quite awhile. Nevertheless, a closer look reveals that the majority of algo traders actually do not use machine-readable news (yet). They limit their data input to pricing and trading data.

  • November 2011

    Australian Banking & Finance

    Machine-readable news as a source of alpha

    Deutsche Börse’s algo news feed AlphaFlash delivers market moving macroeconomic indicators and corporate news, writes Georg Gross, the company’s head of front office data and analytics.