Ultra-Accurate Timely Economic News Feed

AlphaFlash: Key benefits

  • More than 300 economic indicators from the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia including energy releases.
  • US treasury auction data.
  • ISM, Chicago and IHS Markit PMI delivered on time using our highly sophisticated GPS synced systems.
  • Designed and optimized for easy integration into consumer systems.
  • Global proximity hosting and other connectivity options available

Global connectivity options

Direct connectivity is available in:

  • Chicago Equnix
  • CME Aurora
  • Secaucus (New Jersey)
  • Washington D.C.
  • Frankfurt
  • London Equinix
  • London City (Redcentric)
  • Hong Kong KVH1

AlphaFlash data packages

AlphaFlash subscribers can choose between the following data packages:

  • AlphaFlash USA Feed
  • AlphaFlash Canada Feed
  • AlphaFlash European Feed
  • AlphaFlash US Treasury Feed
  • AlphaFlash Chicago Business Barometer ('Chicago PMI')
  • AlphaFlash ISM Feed
  • AlphaFlash Nordic Feed
  • AlphaFlash Emerging Markets Feed
  • AlphaFlash Risk Signal Feed
  • Markit IHS Country PMI Feed

The regional data packages provide important macroeconomic data and news releases such as central bank interest rate decisions, employment and unemployment statistics, housing statistics, gross domestic product, CPI, industrial output, money supply and more.

The AlphaFlash US Treasury Feed contains information sourced from the New York Fed covering: Treasury Bills, TIPS & Cash Management Bills, Treasury Notes and Treasury Bonds.

The Chicago Business Barometer disseminates the ‘Chicago PMI’

AlphaFlash ISM delivers the Manufacturing and Non-Manufacturing ISM Reports on Business.

AlphaFlash Risk Signal alerts clients of upcoming economic releases.

More information

If you need more information, please use the online contact form to send us a message.